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Posted 02 - October - 2016 - Kate Frappell @@katefrappell

At the end of May 2016 Twitter announced changes to what gets counted towards Twitter's 140 character limit.

Some of these changes are now live.

Latest Update: 27th October - Twitter begins testing the removal of @replies inside Tweets.

Here are the changes in detail:




Media attachments counted for approximately 24 characters of the total 140. This mean't that written content was compromised and forced to be made shorter. Media attachments include: photos, videos, GIFs, polls, quote tweets and DM deep...

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Posted 08 - March - 2016 - Intern @

10 Funny Tweets - The Brazilian Edition

Editors Note: Matheus Petroni is a Design Student from Brazil. He can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

For the last 3 months Matheus Petroni has been working with the ManageFlitter team in an intern position, helping us with a variety of ManageFlitter projects. Mat hails from Brazil and we thought it'd be a great idea for him to give our users some insight into Brazil's Twitter culture and share his list of the 10 funniest tweets from Brazil.


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Posted 08 - January - 2016 - Kate Frappell @@katefrappell
Essential Tips For Optimising Your Instagram Account

In September 2015 Instagram reached 400 million active monthly users.

As Instagram's popularity increases, it is more important than ever to make your account stand out.
Here are some helpful tips to get you started.


Maintaining consistent use of a particular color palette, theme, filter, purpose or subject matter will assist in giving your Instagram feed a unique look and feel. This will allow your followers to easily associate your images and image style with your Instagram account.

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Posted 29 - December - 2015 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

2015 - The year that was in 10 Tweets

(1) Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African American resident of Baltimore, Maryland dies from injuries sustained whilst in police custody adding momentum to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.


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Posted 14 - December - 2015 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

ManageFlitter Suggested ContentWe are excited to announce that we have launched our new Suggested Content feature on ManageFlitter.

The Suggested Content feature allows you to easily find high quality content to share on Twitter.

Content is broken down by category so you can quickly find the most relevant content.  You can tweet the content immediately or place it into a queue to be tweeted out later.

Suggested Content is available on the Business Plan and higher.

This is only a first version of this feature and we are already working hard on extra functionality and feature improvements.

Please send us any feedback or suggestions about this Suggested Content feature to ...

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Posted 17 - September - 2015 - Contributor @manageflitter
How To Identify And Engage With Your Most Influential Twitter Followers

Editor's note: Evan Dunn works in Digital Marketing at Transform, WA. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

1. How To Quickly Find The Right...
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Posted 16 - June - 2015 - Contributor @manageflitter

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers Organically

Editor's note: Evan Dunn works in Digital Marketing at Transform, WA. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Anyone who has had a Twitter account for longer than a day has been spammed with offers of Twitter followers in exchange for money. These offers may be tempting to someone very motivated to grow their Twitter account follower numbers fast.

Not only is buying Twitter followers a bad idea - one which could harm your account in multiple ways - it's also ineffective.


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Posted 15 - May - 2015 - Dave Zoradi @davezoradi

Twitter's Limits You Need To Know
Dave Zoradi is ManageFlitter's U.S. based customer support representative.

At some point after creating a Twitter account you may bump up against various limits or rules that Twitter has in place. These limitations set by Twitter do not discriminate and they apply to all Twitter users.

We've outlined the most common Twitter limits below.

1. Tweets Can Only Include 140 Characters.

Twitter only allows a maximum of 140 characters for each tweet. Characters are defined as:

  • Letters
  • Spaces
  • Symbols
  • Numbers
  • Twitter @usernames
  • Website links and image links (links do automatically get shortened into a short url).
  • Twitter was originally developed to send 'Tweets...

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    Posted 27 - December - 2014 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga


    Most retweeted Tweet of 2014
    Selfie taken by Bradley Cooper including a who's who of A-listers at the Academy Awards: Meryl Streep, DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and Lupita N'yongo.

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    Posted 09 - December - 2014 - Dave Zoradi @davezoradi

    Grow Twitter Organically Banner
    Editor's note: Dave Zoradi is ManageFlitter's U.S. based customer support representative. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    If you are new to Twitter we understand how challenging it can be to grow your account and gain followers. It is difficult to build momentum when the account has very few followers. This is a classic catch-22 situation. The fewer followers you have the harder it is to gain new followers and the more followers you have the easier it is to gain new followers.

    1. Utilize Your Current Connections....