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Posted 01 - November - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga
There’s been a lot...
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Posted 28 - October - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

We released new pricing plans yesterday for users who wish to manage more than one twitter account from their ManageFlitter account.

Some of you already have multiple ManageFlitter accounts for your different twitter accounts.  

You can now consolidate these accounts into one account:

  • Choose one of your accounts to be the "master account" and log into ManageFlitter with this account.
  • Upgrade your account so you can connect more accounts.
  • Connect your additional accounts.  You will be prompted to cancel the payments on the accounts you are connecting so you won't be billed twice.
  • You will now be able to log in to all of your connected accounts via your ManageFlitter account.
If you have any issues please email us at contact@manageflitter....
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Posted 27 - October - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

Earlier today we launched several new pricing plans.  

New ManageFlitter Plans

Many of our users manage multiple twitter accounts and wanted to be able to use ManageFlitter to switch between accounts and manage the different accounts with ManageFlitter.

Our pricing plans now are as follows:

  • "Budgie" - $12 per month - manage 1 twitter account
  • "Parakeet" - $24 per month - manage up to 5 twitter accounts
  • "Kookaburra"  - $79 per month - manage up to 20 twitter accounts
  • "Eagle" - $189 per month - manage up to 50 twitter accounts
You can upgrade or downgrade your account as required and you will only be charged the pro-rated appropriate amount....
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Posted 27 - October - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

Early today we launched our new pricing packages which can be seen at:

We always get excited when we launch something new and someone buys it for the first time.

Very soon (5 minutes or so) after we launched our new plans we had a purchase of the $24 Pro "Parakeet" account.

We thought we would find out more about this purchaser and chatted to her by live chat and asked her a few questions.

Twitter account:

Pat Williams

How long have you been on twitter?
Joined Mon Mar 13 2008 

Where in the world are you?
I live in a suburb of Detroit. 

How many twitter accounts do you manage?...

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Posted 27 - October - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

One of our core values at 89n is maintaining an awareness for the world around us.  We believe in conscious capitialism.  

The team at 89n all have a passion for trying to make the world a better place and whilst we are a commercial for profit business we always try to remain open to contributing to good causes.

Up until now we have offered ManageFlitter Pro users the option of their second month free if they sign up and send out a tweet about us.

ManageFlitter Free Month


This has been a popular choice and helps our users save on a month's subscription and helps us get the word out about ManageFlitter.

We have decided to change this slightly, so that...

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Posted 21 - October - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

By far the most requested feature has been the ability to buy more than 1 account at a time and manage multiple accounts from within your ManageFlitter account.

We are pleased to announce that very soon we will be launching ManageFlitter packages with volume discounts for:

  • 5 accounts
  • 20 accounts
  • 50 accounts

1 account will remain at $12 per month. 

We always appreciate feedback at and you can vote for new features at .

Over 460 000 people have used ManageFlitter to date and we have great things planned over the next few months for the application.

As always we thank you for your support :)

Kevin - Co-Founder / CEO 89n

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Posted 15 - September - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

Is Google+ losing its momentum?

Our data indicates that the average number of public Google+ posts per day has decreased from 0.68 public posts per day between 19 July 2011 and 19 August 2011 to 0.40 public posts per day between 19 August 2011 and 14 September 2011.

This represents a decrease of 41%!

A time series of the average number of public Google+ posts per user that uses ManageFlitter to integrate their Google+ account with their Twitter account can be seen below:

Daily Public Google+ Posts Per Account

In July ManageFlitter started offering users the option of integrating their Google+ accounts with...

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Posted 08 - August - 2011 - James Peter @zemaj

Based on your feedback, we've just pushed out a few improvements to our Google+ To Twitter tool which sends your Google+ updates to Twitter. These updates include;

  • More frequent checks - your G+ updates will appear on Twitter even faster
  • More intelligent tweet formatting - no more posts with just links in them
  • Better protection for duplicate tweets - no more reposts when you delete a post on Plus
  • Posts are now always tweeted in the order which you posted them to Google+
  • Posting with the #twt works correctly again

Please let us know if you have any more suggestions for future changes in the comments below!

James Peter 89n Co-Founder

Posted 01 - August - 2011 - James Peter @zemaj
As a startup, one of the main problems we face is bringing in new users to our products cheaply. Arguably it’s our only problem - once we’ve got the execution down and found a successful product that people will pay money for, all we need is more, more and more users to make our product successful. Easy, right?

The View

Unfortunately when you run a Freemium model design to convert a tiny percentage of users, the cost of user acquisition can be too high through traditional channels. Sure we could put up some adwords, but at 50c per user, we’d have to pay $500 per day to bring in 1000 new users daily. For us this cost is too high - our conversion rates on ManageFlitter are designed to be low in order to maintain...
Posted 19 - July - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

Popular web applications CheckDog, ManageFlitter, EmailSociety and TourCow now have a new home - 89n.

We are based in Sydney, Australia but have world-wide appeal. By taking unique approaches to solving real-world problems we create LIFE out of binary.

Our apps range from tools for Twitter account management to real-time online content proof-checking for editors, an ever-growing stream of email newsletters to a smart website tour system. Soon we will have even more and we are always looking to make things better.

89n is co-founded by Kevin Garber - an Australian (ex-African) entrepreneur who likes yoga, tofu and shooting staff members with lasers (seriously), and James Peter - a man whose brain has most-likely been sent back from the future and augmented with...