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Posted 29 - February - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

We were nominated for a Shorty award in the "apps category" and over the last month votes came in thick and fast.  

In total we received 884 votes and came in 3rd position out of 253 nominated applications!

Today we were formally notified that we are a finalist and have been invited to the awards ceremony at the end of March in New York City.  Woo hoo!

ManageFlitter - Shorty Award Finalist

James Peter luckily was already going to be in New York around that time for another conference so most likely he will attend.  Since New York is a far and expensive trip I am unsure if I will be there.

We wanted to thank every one who voted for us...

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Posted 28 - February - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

Twitter lists are a great way to streamline your Twitter usage.  You can create lists based on different segments of your users.

ManageFlitter can help you create a new Twitter list based on a variety of criteria.

We explain how below. 

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Posted 28 - February - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

A couple of weeks ago we launched some very useful "whitelisting" functionality.

This functionality allows you to create a whitelist based on your Twitter lists.  You can also add users individually to the whitelist.  Creating a whitelist in ManageFlitter helps you remove people from your list of "not following me back" that you obviously don't care that they aren't following you back.  For example celebrities, politicians, official Government accounts etc.

The walk-through below explains more.


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Posted 24 - February - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

We have been working hard on a CheckDog upgrade.

The upgraded version will include a totally reworked user interface.  

We are also excited to announce we will be providing our Link Check module for free on the Leopard plan!  Currently it is only available on the Elephant plan and higher.  There will also be a Link Check only plan available.  

We expect this new version to be available within 3-6 weeks.  

Stay tuned.

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Posted 21 - February - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

A few months ago we mentioned that we will be supporting a few charities.

We are proud to announce that we made our first payments to:

Posted 03 - February - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

If you can't listen to the above you can download the mp3 by right clicking this link and select "save file as" or similar.

Yesterday Facebook announced its plans to IPO.

In the world of Tech...

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Posted 23 - December - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

We released new tweet analytics functionality within ManageFlitter yesterday.

Currently it is only available to select Pro users.  We will release it over the next few days for those that applied for Beta access.  We will then release it to Pro users and in a limited form to free users.

As always we would love feedback: contact at manageflitter dot com .



Posted 13 - December - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

Yesterday I attended a fascinating conference.  It isn't often that you can attend a conference in Sydney with the line-up of Martha Stewart, Russell Simmons, Muhammad Yunus and George Clooney.

I tweeted out a from the conference and a radio station - 91.7 ABC Gold Coast - picked up on it and interviewed me about the conference.

It is always fun to be asked for your opinions on live radio.


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Posted 01 - December - 2011 - James Peter @zemaj
Google+ is increasingly being pushed front and center in Google’s redesign.

There’s no doubt now that Google is betting on taking a big chunk of the social market. Google have tried to crack social with limited success - there are various theories why they haven’t had success to date.

Whenever I see Google take a lumbering step forward, I start to think of a world where Google+ is the default place for social sharing. It’s a world that I increasingly worry about living in. If anything because they just “don’t get social” - they don’t seem to understand the...
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Posted 23 - November - 2011 - James Peter @zemaj

 We've just pushed out a few updates to Google+ to Twitter sharing tool

  • Better formatting to optimise for the 140 character limit. A single character is used for "…" instead of the original 3 dots.
  • Better link sharing. Links are no longer wrapper in the Google link shortener and are sent raw to Twitter. This means that the original link will appear in your Twitter stream as Twitter will shorten it using the wrapper. Another benefit is that links to supported media sites like YouTube will also now correctly show in your stream.
  • Full support for Google+ pages. Just use your Google+ page url instead of a standard account url.
  • ManageFlitter Pro accounts connected to Google+ are now updated much faster. Your posts will appear on Twitter within 2 minutes.

Don't forget, you can also ...