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Posted 04 - February - 2013 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

The Super Bowl 2013 has just finished.

As expected Twitter was VERY busy before, during and after the game.

We thought we would track - using the new ManageFlitter Analytics (to be released soon) - what devices people used to tweet during the game.  This was based on a randomised sample of tweets.


Twitter Clients Used During the Super Bowl 2013

As you can see Twitter for iPhone was the most popular Twitter client.

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Posted 16 - January - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

With the 'verified' follow tool available on ManageFlitter Pro, you are able to follow accounts which have been verified by Twitter.

Twitter proactively verifies accounts to confirm that high quality sources of information are coming from a legitimate source.  A verified account as defined by Twitter as "Any account with a blue verified badge on their Twitter profile". To learn more about verified accounts click here

You are able to follow back verified accounts that follow you with ManageFlitter Pro in a few simple steps. Please follow the guide below.

Step One - Log into your ManageFlitter Pro account and navigate to the 'Follow' page. Select "Verified" on the left hand side.


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Posted 08 - January - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

ManageFlitter’s ‘Popular’ tool determines which popular accounts you haven't followed back. Popular accounts, as defined by ManageFlitter, have more than 10,000 followers. We show you how to utilize the Popular tool in the steps outlined below.

Step One - Log into your ManageFlitter account and navigate to the 'Follow' page. Select 'Popular' on the left hand side.

Step Two- After clicking 'Fast Select' highlight the profile pictures by clicking and dragging your mouse over the icons displayed.


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Posted 08 - January - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

The team at ManageFlitter are pleased to anounce our new media attachment tool - giving you the ability to add images to your Tweets.

As some of you may have noticed, a small camera icon is now present withn the PowerPost Tweet field.

Twitter has recently released API access to in-built attachment capabilities allowing third parties to attach media to Tweets, as a result, you are able to enhance your scheduled Tweets supported by images.

To learn how to attach an image to your Tweet, please follow the four simple steps outlined :

Step One - Log into your ManageFlitter account and navigate to the PowerPost page.

Step Two - Click on the camera icon situated to the right of the tweet field.


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Posted 03 - January - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

With a ManageFlitter Pro account, you are able to unlock the powerful 'follow tool' which discovers all the people who follow you, that you don’t follow back.

If you are looking a growing your Twitter account – fast – then this function can be very beneficial.

Below we have outlined three easy steps to follow those who don’t follow you back with ManageFlitter.

Step One - Under the Follow page, select the 'You Dont Follow' option on the left hand side.


Step Two - Remember to press the 'fast select' option, which allows you to bulk follow.


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Posted 03 - January - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

First things first- the team at ManageFlitter would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your Christmas holidays with family and friends smiley

Last month we held our very first ManageFlitter flittermas competition and we simply asked you to tell us why you love ManageFlitter (including the hashtags #flittermas and #ManageFlitter)

We received lots of entries and would like to thankyou all for your Tweets and ongoing support - we are all feeling very 'loved'!

The top five Tweets listed below have won a limited edition ManageFlitter frisbee and a 1-year ManageFlitter Budgie account. The five runners-up will receive a limited edition ManageFlitter frisbee - congratulations!

If you are a winner , please send your postal address to otherwise we will be in contact with you...

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Posted 20 - December - 2012 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep


Have you thought about upgrading your free ManageFlitter account to a Pro version?

Pro accounts offer over 14 additional features to optimize your Twitter growth and account cleaning. These features give you several advantages over and above the free version. 

Paid accounts have no long term contracts, you can pay-as-you-go, cancel at any time you choose and have Pro access until end of your billing cycle. Upgrade now and get immediate access to all premium features. Pro plan prices are as little as 12 dollars per month, thats 40 cents per day!

To learn more about Pro accounts you can find more information on our website.

Below we have listed the Manageflitter Pro features which are unavailable to free users:

You don’t follow back...

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Posted 14 - December - 2012 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

We aim to release a new newsletter every month to keep you updated with recent news,application updates and inform you of the madness that happens at the ManageFlitter Head Quarters. 

For those who wish to receive future newsletters, you will need to sign up on the ManageFlitter dashboard
You can also view Decembers newsletter in the provided link below:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
From the ManageFlitter team
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Posted 05 - November - 2012 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

If you have a medium to large Twitter account and follow upwards of 1000 people you no doubt have a Twitter feed that can get busy.  

One way to turn down the noise in a busy Twitter feed is to unfollow people who are tweeting in languages other than English.  (Ofcourse we are assuming that English is your native language)
With the Pro Version of ManageFlitter you can easily identify all of the people in your account who's default language of their Twitter account is not English. 
Please note: with the free version of ManageFlitter you can ONLY see people that dont follow you back who are non-English speaking. To start a Pro account, click here.
The four easy steps outlined below explain how to find and remove non-English Twitter accounts you follow who don't follow you back. You are also able to identify your non English...
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Posted 27 - September - 2012 - James Peter @zemaj

We are really happy to have just released a refreshed version of ManageFlitter’s interface and a bundle of new features.

We've been using the existing interface on ManageFlitter for over 2 years now. As we kept adding additional features, the site became more and more crowded. We've tried to take a step back with this new look and hopefully make everything a bit cleaner and intuitive.

Other than a visual refresh, here’s a list of some of the improvements in this release;