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Posted 05 - September - 2012 - James Peter @zemaj

We’re excited to announce some cool new features that we’ve been working hard on at ManageFlitter. These new changes will help you become faster and efficient while using Twitter.

PowerPost Analytics

We have added a new analytics feature to PowerPost.

There are now two options of posting URLs when scheduling a tweet:

  • Insert a URL, leaving it as it is
  • When the URL has been inserted, a toggle will appear notifying you that the URL can be shortened automatically with
  • ...
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    Posted 22 - August - 2012 - James Peter @zemaj

    So last week we hit the 1 million user mark ... a pretty big milestone for a tiny bootstrapped company in Sydney Australia - far removed from the lights of San Francisco and New York.

    As a thank you to our ManageFlitter users and in celebration we ran a competition giving away 50 Lifetime Pro Accounts.
    To enter the competition we asked users to tweet out about something they loved about our service.  Boy did they tweet!
    Thanks to each and every one of you who tweeted, we appreciate the ongoing support.
    Finally we have been through all 2524 tweets submitted in the competition.
    *drum roll*
    We are proud to announce the following are winners of a lifetime free Pro ManageFlitter account! If a winner was an existing...
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    Posted 17 - August - 2012 - James Peter @zemaj


    There is a whole lot of gloom being published about the impending Twitter API changes.

    However when I read Twitter’s blog post explaining the changes a few hours ago, I was left thinking a lot of the changes were reasonable and made sense.

    Here are some of the most positive points as I see them:
    • The most useful API endpoints (Tweet display, profile display, user lookup and user search) will be dramatically increased to 720 calls per endpoint...
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    Posted 31 - July - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

    So the Olympics 2012 have kicked off.

    We thought that we would use our ManageFlitter Analytics feature (yeah we know, the Analytics feature has been in beta for months, but we will be releasing to our users over the next couple of months) to discover some of the most retweeted #olympic related tweets over the last 24 hours or so.

    Here they are - a mixture of photos, inspirational, crude and funny tweets that seem to have made up the most retweeted tweets containing #olympics.


    Most Retweeted Olympic Tweets July 31 2012

    We have embedded a couple of the above tweets:

    the 'Queen' who jumped out of the helicopter during...

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    Posted 24 - July - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

    It has been a long time coming but we are finally within sight of launching a new version of the CheckDog user interface as well as some new functionality!

    We are VERY excited about this.  CheckDog was our first product and maintains a special place in our heart.

    We have been somewhat distracted with the growth of our Twitter management tool ManageFlitter over the last year or so but we still remain as committed as ever to the evolution of CheckDog.

    The main elements of this upgrade include:

    • Updated and improved user interface (couple of screenshots posted below)
    • Integrated broken image and broken link finder
    • Updated pricing plans

    We understand that change is often difficult - especially when you have been using the same user interface for a long time - and there may be some teething issues.  But ultimately these...

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    Posted 02 - July - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

    A few days ago the United States Supreme Court upheld a US law requiring all Americans to obtain health insurance or face a penalty. This law is United State's President Barrack Obama signature healthcare reform and is popularly known as Obamacare.

    Soon we will be launching our Analytics module within ManageFlitter.  See video walkthrough of the Analytics module at the end of this article below.

    We thought it would be interesting to run the #obamacare hash tag through the analytics module and see how this hashtag is travelling through the Twittersphere.

    Below are some of the results over the last few days of tracking the #obamacare hash tag.

    1) Overview


    Posted 22 - June - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga
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    Posted 14 - June - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

    Google+ was launched on June 28th 2011. It will be one year old in just a few days.

    Last September we released some data about Google+. Our data at the time indicated that there seemed to be negative growth in the number of daily public posts per user on Google+.
    We decided to revisit this data.
    Average Public Posts Per User - Google+
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    Posted 31 - May - 2012 - James Peter @zemaj

    We've just released bucket load of updates to ManageFlitter. I've put together two videos below which walkthrough the changes we've made to both the free and Pro versions of ManageFlitter. Please let us know in the comments if you have any feedback!


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    Posted 24 - May - 2012 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

    So we have been hard at work putting together some changes for ManageFlitter.

    These include:

    • PowerPost is now live for all Pro users - schedule your tweets for publishing at the optimal time
    • Totally reworked search
    • You can now sort your followers/following by our own influence measure - find out who the most influential people in your account are
    • Whitelisting now shows everyone you have whitelisted regardless of whether you are still following them or not
    • Follow/unfollow works correctly with respect to pagination
    • Tracking tab functionality bugs fixed

    1) PowerPost Screenshot