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Posted 23 - May - 2013 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

We are excited to announce that ManageFlitter Business is now LIVE!

You can see the new pricing plans and features.

This blog post contains an overview video and some FAQs about the Business plans.

You can see an overview of some of the new features in the video below:

Answers to Business Account FAQs:

  • I am an existing Pro user - do I have to do anything to upgrade my account?

    Yes.  You can leave your account unchanged in which case your account will remain as is with the features that have had previously had access to.  However if you want to access the new features you will have to upgrade your account to the new Business plan.
  • If I upgrade to a ManageFlitter business...
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    Posted 10 - May - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    To celebrate reaching 1.5 million ManageFlitter users we ran a competition in our April newsletter (remember to make sure you subscribe to our newsletter via the ManageFlitter dashboard).

    We reached out to you for ideas to help us find ways to get discovered by 1.5 million Twitter users who have not yet heard of ManageFlitter....

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    Posted 03 - May - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    Account Search is a powerful ManageFlitter feature which enables you to discover relevant people to follow on Twitter.

    ManageFlitter has one of the largest databases of Twitter user information. You can search through details of over 80million Twitter accounts within seconds!

    The Search feature is available to both free and Pro ManageFlitter users. Free ManageFlitter users are limited to following up to 50 users when searching for accounts. Pro users have no ManageFlitter restrictions however we advise all users to following within Twitters guidelines and limitations.

    We recommend that our users never follow more than 100 people a day, but don’t worry – ManageFlitter will warn you before you go over this limit.

    You can search on a range of criteria and get...

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    Posted 22 - April - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    ManageFlitter's unfollow tool identifys spam or fake accounts you follow on Twitter and enables you to unfollow them.

    There are a number of signals which indicate fake accounts on the ManageFlitter system. These signals combine together to give a final score out of 100. If the score is over 50%, they are considered a fake or spam account.

    Signals can be classified as;

    - Ratio of followers to following
    - How frequently they post
    - The type of username the account holds
    - How complete their profile is
    - The type of followers they are connected to

    Each signal has a negative or positive weight which contributes to increasing or decreasing their spam score. Once this 'score' is over 50/100, they are recognised as a spam account on...

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    Posted 16 - April - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    PowerPost is one of our most popular features and is used to schedule tweets for appropriate times.

    PowerPost analyses when your followers are most active on Twitter so you are able to post Tweets for maximum reach.

    PowerPost can also help you schedule your tweets based on when followers in specific locations are most likely to be online.

    For example if ManageFlitter were to have a "ManageFlitter users' meet-up" in New York , we would want to send out a tweet that is optimised for when @manageflitter followers in New York are most likely to be online.  

    That is - we would want to try publish a tweet when not only our followers in general are most likely to be online but when our followers in New York are most likely to be online.

    The following steps would help optimise the tweet appropriately:

    Step One: Create your tweet.


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    Posted 02 - April - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    ManageFlitter's advanced filtering tools allows you to discover Twitter accounts that you follow who have never Tweeted before.

    Simply follow the steps outlined below to discover ManageFlitter's advanced filtering tools.

    Step One: Log in to you ManageFlitter free account. If you are new to ManageFlitter - simply click the "Sign in" button located on the top right hand corner. We will only ask for your Twitter account login details to use our application - easy!

    Step Two: ...

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    Posted 28 - February - 2013 - Babak M @ManageFlitter

    ManageFlitter uses Twitter API to get the details of your account including who you follow and who follows you.

    Twitter's API is "rate limited" which means we can pull a limited amount of data out of it in a given period of time.

    The limits are per-user and per-application which means the usage of other ManageFlitter users or your usage of other Twitter applications do not affect your loading time.

    How does rate limiting affect the loading time for your account?

    ManageFlitter syncs with your Twitter account in 3 steps (2 for free accounts):


    1) First we get a list of all accounts that you are following

    During a 15 minutes time-window we can ask Twitter 15 times, and each time Twitter gives us up to 5,000 of the accounts that you are following.

    So if you are following more than...

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    Posted 26 - February - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    With a free ManageFlitter account you can unfollow up to 100 of your Twitter account followers per day.

    You can remove these limits by upgrading to ManageFlitter Pro.

    Alternatively if you prefer not to upgrade to Pro you can increase your daily limit up to 2000 unfollows per day through the Bonus Unfollow system.

    Options to increase your unfollow limit include:

    • Follow the @ManageFlitter Twitter account: +200 daily unfollows

    • Tweet about ManageFlitter: Bonus: +200 daily unfollows

    • Sign-up for the ManageFlitter newsletter: +300 daily unfollows

    • Invite your friends to try ManageFlitter via email, Twitter or Facebook: +1200 daily unfollows (+200 per referral) 

    (Please note that an invitation only unlocks additional unfollows if the user hasn't used ManageFlitter...

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    Posted 11 - February - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    We have recently rolled out a feature which allows you to save and archive tweets that you schedule using PowerPost for future re-use.

    With the new 'Re-use a Tweet" feature you are able to select scheduled Tweets and save them to an archived "Tweet box" for future posting via PowerPost. 

    Simply follow the steps outlined below to learn how to archive and re-use tweets in ManageFlitter.

    Step One - Log into your ManageFlitter account and navigate to the PowerPost tool.

    Step Two - Schedule a tweet with the PowerPost tool.


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    Posted 04 - February - 2013 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

    So the Super Bowl has just finished and whilst we are putting the finishing touches on our new ManageFlitter Analytics feature we thought we would pull some stats around the Super Bowl Tweeting that has taken place.  

    The following data is based on a sample of Super Bowl related tweets.

    The following table summarises the most popular Super Bowl related Hashtags:

    Hashtags During Super Bowl 2013

    The following table summarises the most common languages for Super Bowl related tweets.

    Most Frequent Languages used to Tweet During Super Bowl 2013