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Posted 28 - June - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep


With ManageFlitter's "Copy Followers" tool you can analyse and copy the followers of a competitor's account.

Copying followers opens the opportunity for a reciprocal follow back and communicating with like minded tweeps. These followers may also view the advantages of your business or account over your competitor!

Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Navigate to the follow page under the Manage drop down menu.

2. Select the "Copy Followers" filter.


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Posted 20 - June - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep
Our wonderful 'Ninja Mode' functionality allows you to discover Twitter accounts you have followed and those who have followed you in return. 
Simply follow the steps below to discover your most recent reciprocal followers on ManageFlitter. 
Remember folks - this functionality is available to Pro users only. If you are interesting in upgrading to a Pro account please visit our website.
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Posted 12 - June - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

You can discover your most influential Twitter followers with a ManageFlitter Pro plan

Our influential filter determines the popularity or 'influence' an account has by the people that follow them on Twitter. This is often referred in the Twittersphere as 'Klout'.

You can discover all your influential Twitter followers in 2 simple steps!

1) Navigate to the Follow page on ManageFlitter and select  'Everyone Following You'.

2) In the Order menu select the Influence filter.


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Posted 06 - June - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

ManageFlitter's PowerPost Bulk Import feature is available to users who are on Business subscriptions only. To sign up for a Business plan - click here.

PowerPost Bulk Import allows you to easily import, schedule and manage a large number of Tweets via the PowerPost feature. 

You can import tweets by directly copying and pasting or uploading a text or CSV file.

The 5 steps below outline how to upload your tweets in bulk via the copy and paste function. 

1) Navigate to the PowerPost Bulk Import page

PowerPost Bulk Import page

2) Select the option 'Let me copy/paste my tweets here'


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Posted 04 - June - 2013 - James Peter @zemaj

The ManageFlitter blog has moved to

Along with the updated URL, we've refreshed the design and more closely integrated this blog with the rest of the ManageFlitter site.

We're going to continue to post interesting articles, ManageFlitter walkthroughs and of course ManageFlitter news! We're planning to ramp up the quantity of posts over the coming months, so keep checking back regularly. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog.

Please let us know what you think about the new look in the comments below!

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Posted 23 - May - 2013 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

We are excited to announce that ManageFlitter Business is now LIVE!

You can see the new pricing plans and features.

This blog post contains an overview video and some FAQs about the Business plans.

You can see an overview of some of the new features in the video below:

Answers to Business Account FAQs:

  • I am an existing Pro user - do I have to do anything to upgrade my account?

    Yes.  You can leave your account unchanged in which case your account will remain as is with the features that have had previously had access to.  However if you want to access the new features you will have to upgrade your account to the new Business plan.
  • If I upgrade to a ManageFlitter business...
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    Posted 10 - May - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    To celebrate reaching 1.5 million ManageFlitter users we ran a competition in our April newsletter (remember to make sure you subscribe to our newsletter via the ManageFlitter dashboard).

    We reached out to you for ideas to help us find ways to get discovered by 1.5 million Twitter users who have not yet heard of ManageFlitter....

    ManageFlitter  - Website   Twitter
    Posted 03 - May - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    Account Search is a powerful ManageFlitter feature which enables you to discover relevant people to follow on Twitter.

    ManageFlitter has one of the largest databases of Twitter user information. You can search through details of over 80million Twitter accounts within seconds!

    The Search feature is available to both free and Pro ManageFlitter users. Free ManageFlitter users are limited to following up to 50 users when searching for accounts. Pro users have no ManageFlitter restrictions however we advise all users to following within Twitters guidelines and limitations.

    We recommend that our users never follow more than 100 people a day, but don’t worry – ManageFlitter will warn you before you go over this limit.

    You can search on a range of criteria and get...

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    Posted 22 - April - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    ManageFlitter's unfollow tool identifys spam or fake accounts you follow on Twitter and enables you to unfollow them.

    There are a number of signals which indicate fake accounts on the ManageFlitter system. These signals combine together to give a final score out of 100. If the score is over 50%, they are considered a fake or spam account.

    Signals can be classified as;

    - Ratio of followers to following
    - How frequently they post
    - The type of username the account holds
    - How complete their profile is
    - The type of followers they are connected to

    Each signal has a negative or positive weight which contributes to increasing or decreasing their spam score. Once this 'score' is over 50/100, they are recognised as a spam account on...

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    Posted 16 - April - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

    PowerPost is one of our most popular features and is used to schedule tweets for appropriate times.

    PowerPost analyses when your followers are most active on Twitter so you are able to post Tweets for maximum reach.

    PowerPost can also help you schedule your tweets based on when followers in specific locations are most likely to be online.

    For example if ManageFlitter were to have a "ManageFlitter users' meet-up" in New York , we would want to send out a tweet that is optimised for when @manageflitter followers in New York are most likely to be online.  

    That is - we would want to try publish a tweet when not only our followers in general are most likely to be online but when our followers in New York are most likely to be online.

    The following steps would help optimise the tweet appropriately:

    Step One: Create your tweet.