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Posted 26 - March - 2014 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

Twitter is a real-time social network that allows you to communicate with people in 140 characters or less. Twitter gives you the ability to follow or be followed by other Twitter accounts in an asynchronous manner.

This means that if you follow a specific Twitter account they don’t necessarily need to follow you back in order for you to see their tweet stream.

Whilst most Twitter accounts have been set up and are managed by legitimate individuals or businesses, due to the open nature of Twitter it is possible for someone to set up a “fake” or “spam” Twitter account. 

In fact, by some measures there are over 20 million fake accounts on Twitter!

It is even possible to pay to have a collection of fake accounts follow you to boost the perception of your popularity on Twitter....

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Posted 19 - February - 2014 - Contributor @manageflitter

Editor's note: Rachel Thompson is a published author and social media consultant at BadRedhead Media

‘I can’t follow you back because I’ve reached a limit.’

‘I’ll follow you back once I figure out why Twitter won’t let me follow anyone else.’

Sound familiar? Or maybe you have followed over 2,000 people on Twitter and then can’t follow anyone else. Well, guess what? You’re not stuck at following 2,000.

Let’s deconstruct.

1. Starting Out

When you first opened your Twitter account, you were all...

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Posted 15 - February - 2014 - Contributor @manageflitter

Let's Get You Dressed For Business

Editor's note: Evan Dunn is the Social Media Marketing Manager with Marketeering Group in Seattle, WA. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Twitter profile is an important and often overlooked element of a Twitter account. The content of a Twitter profile is even more important when it applies to an account that belongs to a business.

Steps to optimizing your Twitter profile

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Posted 30 - January - 2014 - Josephine Small @toreen

A. ManageFlitter Click-Through Analytics & Bots

The ManageFlitter PowerPost feature allows our users to schedule Tweets for optimal times and track click-throughs on links in the scheduled tweets.

We have now integrated bot detection mechanisms that will detect and exclude most bots from the click-through analytic metrics, resulting in a more accurate measure for our customers (see analytics graph below).

Let's take a closer look at a real case study to see the impact of bots and crawlers on Tweet analytics.

Following is a Tweet that we recently tweeted out via PowerPost on the...

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Posted 21 - January - 2014 - Contributor @manageflitter

4 Good Reasons It Makes Sense To Grow Your Twitter Follower Numbers

Editor's note: Evan Dunn is the Social Media Marketing Manager with Marketeering Group in Seattle, WA. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Twitter follower growth provides concrete, measurable benefits for your digital marketing efforts. In order to prove this statement - and to respond to those who disagree with it...

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Posted 17 - January - 2014 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep

ManageFlitter NEW PRO FEATURE!

Sometimes it is necessary to block another Twitter user. 

Harassment by another Twitter user, or SPAM/bot/fake accounts following you may all be best dealt with by blocking.

According to information on Twitter's website blocked users cannot;

  • Add your Twitter account to their lists.
  • Have their @replies or mentions show in your mentions tab (although these Tweets may still appear in search).
  • Follow you.
  • See your profile picture on their profile page or in their timeline.

Twitter doesn't provide any direct way via the main or mobile site of reviewing a list of who you have blocked.

Sometimes it is however useful to review and unblock the accounts...

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Posted 08 - January - 2014 - James Peter @zemaj

Twitter's rules, limits and regulations can at times be a little vague and confusing. These limits are put in place to stop people, businesses or automated programmes from abusing the Twitter network.  These rules are vague by design in order to prevent reverse engineering by parties who want to abuse the Twitter network.

Whilst these rules have been put in place by Twitter to prevent genuine abuse of their system, legitimate Twitter users can sometimes inadvertedly fall foul of these Twitter rules.

Having an understanding of some of these Twitter rules can help prevent your account getting suspended by Twitter.

Below we have listed 3 guidelines to help prevent your...

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Posted 06 - December - 2013 - Contributor @manageflitter


Editor's Note: Evan Dunn is the Social Media Marketing Manager with Marketeering Group in Seattle, WA. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

1. Introduction
If your information is publicly displayed anywhere on the internet, I can (and will) find it, and can (and will) find the perfect excuse to contact you, if you might buy what I’m selling.

To some people, this seems like a really annoying thing to do. But it’s not a bad practice in and of itself.

If the...

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Posted 25 - November - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep


A recent study revealed that up to 40% of users on Twitter are inactive. ManageFlitter's inactive filter allows you to detect and unfollow inactive Twitter accounts that you are following.

Unfollowing inactive accounts on Twitter is important for the following reasons:

1. Inactive accounts do not engage in conversations on Twitter.

2. Inactive accounts do not retweet accounts on Twitter.

3. Following an inactive account increases your Twitter "following" count - which subsequently affects your Twitter ratio.

4.  In some cases, following inactive accounts...

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Posted 19 - November - 2013 - Chelcie Plowright @chelciep



ManageFlitter allows you to sort Twitter accounts by "influence".  This can be useful when deciding who to follow or unfollow.

This influence rating of an account is based on a number of factors including:

  • The number of followers the account has.

  • The number of times the account has been placed on other peoples' Twitter lists – (added to a Twitter list)

  • The number of tweets the account posted and how often the tweets have been re-tweeted or received a response.

  • The account's followers and their followers.

The influence filter is available on several...